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София, ул."Неофит Рилски“ №: 36

Clock “Proto-Bulgarian Calendar – Tangra”

235 лв.

Clock “Proto-Bulgarian Calendar – Tangra”. Handmade by electroplatting art and hand-beatten copper. Plated with gilded animals.

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Round wall clock – exquisite composition symbolizing “Proto Bulgarian Ancient calendar”. The base personifies an expanded parchment of processed animal skin for writing, and in the center is a round medallion with a voluminous engraving “The sign of God Tangra”. Around the parchment is Inlaid 12 smaller medallions in an ensemble, each of which is an engraved animal representing the respective period of time on the Proto-Bulgarian calendar.

The hardware of the watch is made of artistic galvanoplasty and hand-forged copper. The base is completely silver-plated and the inlaid medallions of the hours are fully gilded. They are laid on a wooden board, treated with resins and varnishes. Dimensions: ≈ d – 215 mm

We do not use foils, paints or varnishes to imitate silvering or gilding! The final layer is galvanized with real metal.

The mechanism of the clock is “Quartz”, which measures second, minute and hour, and works with 1 battery – 1.5 V AAA (R03).

The watch is wrapped in a stylish box, hand-made by Svetal Design – Svatoslav Sabchev.

The set contains:

– Clock

– Stylish Box

– battery – 1.5 V AAA (R03)

Attention! Photographs show the actual product, but their functions are illustrative and there may be variations in color due to the technique with which filmed the product and the monitor on which you browse the store.

Handmade in Workshop “Artikos”.


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