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София, ул."Неофит Рилски“ №: 36


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Pain on wood, Adam and Eve and the snake, that brings the temptation.

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Picture “Temptation” – naive style

“The Cats” is hand-painted with acrylic on wood, treated with natural oils. With a wall hanger on the back.

Dimensions ≈ 200 x 250 x 25mm

Iv’s paintings are an original and unique gift! With their childhood simplicity they bring color and mood to our day. They are suitable for a children’s room to help develop children’s imagination, as well as the kitchen, living room or office to remind us of the children in us and to make us smile!

The naive / naive style is a new, contemporary trend in art. Appears in the late 19th, early 20th century. Characterized by the author’s freedom of expression and child simplicity and naivety.

Attention! The pictures show the real product, but their features are illustrative and there may be deviations in the colors that are due to the technique with which the product and monitor you are viewing the shop are filmed.

The painting is hand-painted in Workshop “Artikos” by Ivailo Ivanov – Iv.

Iv is one of the founders of Workshop “Artikos”. For 30 years, he believes he can not paint. Many people agree with him. Others are conquered by the childlike simplicity of his paintings.


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